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Gig Multiples or Extras - Can't do both?!?

My buyers are unable to selects gig multiples (for longer scripts) and some of the gig extras. Is it an either or situation?? I was under the impression Multiples would work in conjunction with extras?

Did anyone hear anything back from Fiverr? Still trying to work through this.

Did anyone hear anything back from Fiverr? Still trying to work through this.

I have exactly the same question. I understand that Fiverr doesn’t allow buying multiple extras in one order, but why can’t I order multiples AND an extra in the same order? For example; lets say if I wanted to purchase a quantity of 2 gigs from a web design seller. Let’s say I also decided to add one of his/her available extras, why does the quantity automatically reset back to 1?

Maybe check out one of my gigs and see if I reading this right.

Using the top button, I am able to select a gig multiple; however, when I go to add an extra, the gig multiple resets to one. Is the is the correct functionality? I’m using latest version of Firefox and see the same results with Chrome. Thanks.

Reply to @carbbon: You’re absolutely right. I could click on a multiple under “Order now”, but as soon as I clicked on an extra from that drop-down menu, the multiple went back to 1. And it happened when I clicked on a multiple but went to the bottom of the page to click on a gig extra: it went back to 1 again. My browser is IE, so it’s not a browser issue. So your gig extras can only be applied to 1 gig at a time, and that doesn’t sound right. If you find the answer to this, please do share~

I’ve had two clients report the same problem today. It’s got to be a glitch since this hasn’t been a problem before.

For this issue, let’s forget about the bottom order button. Try this gig:

  1. go to top order button.
  2. add a couple gig multiples and then select an extra.
  3. result will be that multiples resets.

  4. select an extra
  5. then try to add couple multiples
  6. result will be that extras resets.

    In either case, is this normal functionality? Seems odd to me and not intuitive to buyers if so.

At your level, you can’t. You need to be at least Level 1.

How do I add my Gig extra or additional more?

Reply to @kjblynx: Hmmm. Now I’m totally baffled. The situation I explained above exists on my main desktop, regardless of the browser and two separate mobile devices. Thanks for your input. I’ll keep looking into my situation and update this thread when I have info.

Reply to @carbbon: I also tested your gig cart and I got the same results. If I try selecting multiples and adding an extra it resets.

When I try adding the extra and then selecting the multiples, the extra gets deselected. I tested with two different browsers and got the same results.

Yes, you can do both!