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Gig Multiples: What are they?

Hi there good people,
I just received my Level 1 seller status today. :smiley:
I noticed that now I can have 10 gig multiples.
I want to know what are these gig multiples? I searched, but can’t understand what they are. Something like having multiple gigs on the same service? If it is like that, then how do I open it? Is there any way to copy a gig and put it in another but relevant category of services?
Any explanation or link to any article which explains gig multiples will be extremely helpful.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:
Have a great day!


Dear Munim:

If a Buyer clicks on the drop down menu, he can order 1 gig for your base price.

Two is twice that.

And so on.

Your delivery time stays the same, so you might want to consider adjusting your delivery time to give you a margin for 10 gig multiples.

I tried to get a screen shot for you, but it might not yet actually be activated for you, or I just could not find it, so here’s a screen shot from one of my gigs:

Good luck,


Oh, then that is it!!
I was on a completely different line.
Thanks a lot for explaining, man :slight_smile:
Have a great day!

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Hi Is this specific to seller’s choice? Im a buyer and I noticed the Gig now cannot be bought in mulitples.

It’s specific to a seller’s level, not choice. The higher the seller’s level, the more multiples you can choose as a buyer. Please make sure that the seller doesn’t have a line in their gig description like ‘please contact me for more than…’.

Unfortunately we sellers can’t limit the number of multiples as to our ability to deliver and as the time doesn’t multiply with the multiples a buyer picks, sellers might need to cancel if they simply aren’t able to deliver so many multiples in that time, for example I can’t deliver 50K words translations in 7 days, and cancellations lead to a loss of time for you as the buyer and to a higher cancellation rate for the seller.

Some of us have asked for the option to limit the multiples, but nothing yet. In theory it’s supposed to be a good thing, which is why sellers get more multiples with rising levels.
Sellers will appreciate it a lot if you read their description and in case they ask to be contacted before ordering more than a certain amount, do contact them first. :slight_smile:

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Dear Munim:

And with the resolution tools, you can immediately open a dispute with the Buyer to request more time if they’ve ordered more gig multiples than you can handle within the stated time frame.

Hopefully if you explain the situation, the Buyer will be reasonable, especially if you can point them to the explanation in your gig description that tells them what the what is.

It the Buyer chooses to be unreasonable, you may interpret that as a sign that you are dealing with a Bad Buyer, so start documenting everything and send it to Customer Support.

At this point, you will be dealing with a Buyer who not only has not read the Fiverr Terms of Service, they’ve also not read or understood your gig description, and they’ve disregarded your politely worded explanation, so you will need to run out and read Influence by Robert Cialdini and Get Anyone to Do Anything by David J. Lieberman.

Hit the Buyer over the head repeatedly with these books until they see things your way.

If that doesn’t work, run, don’t walk, and get a copy of The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. Hire a Seller on Fiverr to create an image of this Buyer doing what you want them to do, print out the image, and tape it to your dream board.

As a last result, if all else fails, convince Emmaki to send you a custom offer to create a devastating rebuttal post for you on Imgur (“Image-Er”). Pay whatever price she offers you.

Be sure not to post personal information about the Seller on the Forum.

Good luck,

Poll: Books I’ve Read to Help Me Persuade Unreasonable Buyers

  • Get Anyone to Do Anything
  • Influence
  • The Secret
  • The Art of the Deal

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Hahahahaha… that was funny! :smiley:
yes, sure, I’ll read them someday.

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Congrats for getting into level one :heart_eyes: @blaisefaint Answered Well Appreciates

Thanks a lot, buddy :slight_smile:

That was Funny :sweat_smile:

In addition to being able to limit Gig multiples which I just happened to understand better, Seller should also be allowed to add extra time for each gig multiple added. That would avoid us having to use the resolution center to extend the delivery time