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Gig Multiples


As a seller, it doesn’t make sense to achieve higher selling levels and offer multiples because they all count as one gig. For example, I have a client who orders gigs at multiples of two at one time. So even though I have had six tasks to do altogether, all the statistics say I have had only three gigs from him (not to mention I have more work in a shorter amount of time). The more I think about it, the more I think each multiple should count as its own.

Has anyone else noticed this odd counting method? Am I crazy?


You are not crazy. Multiple orders count as a single sale. This is especially frustrating for sellers who have writing gigs. Buyers can order multiples all at once. Imagine you have a 24-hr, express delivery, 500-word gig, and a single person comes along and orders 10 of them at once. CS’s response is to adjust your times to facilitate this. Then it will no longer be express. And since you cannot adjust the time AFTER the order is placed and you CANNOT deliver “empty” gigs just to bypass the ridiculous unadjusted time, you are stuck with the “option” of having a late delivery and no way to re-attain express status.

Welcome to Fiverr. The land where their twitter posts, facebook posts, and forum are all littered with complaints.