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Gig needs to be modified

Now i got the same problem after more an month i had the gig on the same category, I will promote your online business in category animation, video animation. There is no category whiteboard either and where, in what category i need to put the video? They tell me to modify cause i have the gig in wrong category/subcategory? This is a video animation and nothing wrong with it! This team is realy irritating and i dont think they have knowledges to decide where the gig have to be placed in what categories! I had good trafic in thoose categories. Any suggestions where it should be? I have only one chance then they will denied again and i have to delete the Gig? By this behaviour they will lose a mong of sellers!

ok, thanks i will change that!

Reply to @kjblynx: I think i got ride of it. I will promote your business…its up now and its a whiteboard animation. I had it before into animation and 3D animation as subcategory, I ll puted into other category. But thanks for your comment to help!

Reply to @kjblynx: Its fixed now…can you please look at the explainer if its the right category…i have seen some in business commercial, marketing and Intros (?) I duno if its right and Animation, 3D animation like i have this of mine: do any Style professional Explainer Animation. Thank you.