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Gig needs tweaking but i didn't do what they are complaining about

I set up a gig for online private lessons on skype, i have not included any private details or my skype name anywhere in my gig (my name to be done upon purchase)

the complaint says "Your Gig text contains an email address/addresses, Skype/IM usernames, telephone numbers or any other means of communication that is not permitted according to our Terms of Service in order to protect our users’ privacy. Please remove the links.

The Fiverr messaging system allows you to communicate and deliver work related files to your buyers, without the need for additional contact information."

my desc text says;

"Join me on Skype where I will teach you how to crochet a very simple but cute crochet heart that you can use from anything to earrings to appliques to bunting or scrapbooking/cardmaking.

You will need;

Skype with Cam/Mic

A Yarn of your choice.

Crochet hook (any size that matches your yarn).

This is another great beginners project where you will learn to work in a round and vary the size of your stitches. "

and my buyer notes say "Please leave me your Skype name and a time to contact you. Please keep in mind time differences as I am in GMT and we may have to work out when the best time is! "

So I can’t change this as I don’t have that stuff from the complaint? Will i have to go through this rubbish everytime?

Did you get permission first? Any gig which requires Skype contact has to be cleared through CS BEFORE posting.

It’s the word “Skype” that sends alarm bells. Don’t try to go around this and ask permission from Customer Support to use Skype first, like celticmoon mentioned.

Does fiverr have it’s own internal system for “online private lessons”? if so how do i get to it.

if not then how do they expect anyone to give online private lessons?! Why even make it a category?

the only thing i can find in their polices/FAqs and stuff says

" In the event your sellers Gig requires personal contact information to complete the order, such as Skype/Team Viewer coaching, names and address for business cards (etc.), and log in information, you may exchange that information in the order page."

it doesn’t say anything about not using skype or not mentioning skype or having to ask permission to mention/use Skype. I clearly don’t give out my own skype name in the description or buyer notes. I also only say that that is where the lesson will take place so they know to be comfortable with giving out that information before buying.

I didn’t change anything on my gigs before resubmitting and they went through second time no problem so it’s a bit annoying to have to do this every single time.