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Gig no longer showing up in search


I’ve been on Fiverr for just one a year now. In that time, I’ve completed over 500 orders and have maintained a 5.0 rating. I’ve never gone “out of office” or had a missed order. I’m currently a level 2 and pushing into the final stretch to being considered as a “top seller”.

So imagine my surprise when a few days ago I noticed I wasn’t getting any new messages or orders. I’m used to getting 3-4 new messages and completing 1-2 orders, so this is highly unusual. I checked if my gig was offline, and that wasn’t the case.

I checked if my gig was showing up in searches and it wasn’t. I’m not trying to brag or anything, but I’ve been on the first page of Voice Actor or Voice Over for almost 9 months. Finding this highly unusual, I tried searching for my gig based on my name. It shows up. But if I search Voice Over or Voice Actor with my specific details (Male, English, etc), nothing shows up.

I’ve contacted customer service and explained everything above and they said my profile is showing up so there’s nothing they can do.

Can someone help me? This is my full-time job and I’m desperate for help.


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I searched under Voiceover and then Level 2. Your gig is on page 3 in the second row.

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Really? It’s still not showing up for me. This is so frustrating because my profile used to show up all the time.

It’s been a month of this and my gig still doesn’t show up in searches. CS said there’s not they can do about it. The only people that are messaging me are past clients, which thankfully I have a lot of, but you can’t grow without new clients.

I just don’t understand how my gig could completely vanish from searches. People have to literally search for my name to find me. I can’t seem to be found in a normal search, even when you narrow the search fields to basically my exact gig (Male, English, $5, etc). This is beyond frustrating.

Even searching my gig by typing the title, doesn’t show up.
I don’t know what is happening.

This is all so frustrating.

Have you tried to change your gigs title?
Is this happening to all of your gigs?