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Gig not able to be edited


After searching through here for a few pages I didn’t see this bug listed.

I’ve been updating, tweaking, and editing some of my gigs. I get to one and it’s working fine. All of a sudden I can’t edit it anymore. In fact it doesn’t even have the “header” banner option that most of the graphic Gigs have.

I try just text. Nope it throws me an error. I try just the pictures. Nope, same error.

The error at the bottom of the page states:

"Dang, the gig failed to save. Please save it again."

No matter what I do, even clearing my cache, it throws this error.

It’s this Gig: And at this time this is the only Gig I’m getting this error with. There is nothing in my back end to suggest it’s been locked, or such. It reads as active.