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Gig not appearing in search results anywhere

I created a Gig for resume reviewing a few days ago. However, I can’t see it in the search results at all and as a result, it’s not getting any impressions, despite being clearly listed as ‘Active’ under my Gigs.

I’ve tried searching for multiple variations of the title/tags, ,filtered by ‘newest arrivals’ and ‘online users’ when I’m online (searched on another device in case it won’t let you search for yourself logged in) but nothing seems to work.

Having searched the problem in the FAQs, the Fiverr bot gives me this response regarding my Gig:

“Looks like your Gig is active but needs further review from our side to appear in search results. Please contact us so we can check your Gig and help you out.”

Anyone got any ideas? I’ve contacted support but they’ve just given me a copy + paste answer which is of no help at all.

The same thing is happening to me, I can’t find my gig in any way.

I fixed it. Fiverr support weren’t any help.

In my Gig, I mentioned the option to have a call on Zoom, Webex etc. Apparently anything outside of Fiverr (email, Zoom etc) isn’t allowed and if your Gig contains one of those words, it’s made invisible automatically.

If you’re doing the same, try making a new Gig but without mentioning Zoom/email. That worked for me.