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Gig not appearing in search results from last 10 days

hi i have 2 gigs and both are not showing in search results from past 10 days, i am not receiving any new msgs and impressions are also down. I am level 2 seller. Please help.


I am facing this same issue from the last 14 days

gigs are gone…have you got response from CS?

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I have no idea. But I will suggest to you.
Try to share your gig to your own social channel and do bid on the job from buyer request.
I hope you will get response from the buyer.
Or you should delete your gigs and try to make new gigs. And this time try to use the perfect keyword, useful descriptions, nice gig images, perfect tags.
Have a good day :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:
Thank you

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This won’t help … the reviews are going to be visible on your profile even if you delete your gig

deleting the gig will remove your reviews it will only show up on your profile. It’s kind of suicide.

There seems some bug in fiverr system. because my gig is visible if i try to search from main tabs like writing and translation>> sub cat. however it is not appearing when i type any relevant keyword.

I have a feeling that ( It can be wrong ) Fiverr currently working on “Gig Promotion” Feature and it is in it’s earliest stages. Probably that is the reason such issues are happing. My gig also some times behave very odd. Let’s wait and watch.

Yes it’s fiverr bug and don’t delete your gig. If you create new gig you’ll have same issues, because it’s not gig problem, it’s fiverr account problem and for this reason all gig doesn’t appear in search results.
I have same issue, my best selling gig which was on first page and all gig doesn’t appear in fiverr search results. It’s maybe de indexed from fiverr search and it would be great if fiverr fix this type of technical issues.

exactly my best seller gig had 200+ reviews so i don’t think deleting and creating new would solve problem. I have tried pausing gig and reactivating but it didn’t work. I hope fiverr would fix it soon.

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Yeah exactly same happen with my gig which was top at its category. Now completely gone. Let wait and see what will happen.


hey, I am facing the same issue. have you heard back from Fiverr CS?

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Not yet, it hasn’t resolved yet.