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Gig not appearing in search results


Hey there everyone!!

I have realized that my gigs are not appearing in the search results using the tags i have inserted in the gig. I am a newbie here so can anyone advice me on how to improve my gig to be appeared in search results. Or maybe guide me how search system work here.

Thanx in advance!!


Hi, you will be able to rank up by adding proper keywords/tags. Post gigs on social media to get views, use buyer request section, longer description with different keywords, use proper category.


First of all, are you sure they’re not appearing. Have you been through every page to check? You’re in hugely popular categories.
You need to change your tags/add new tags. Type logo into the search bar and see what comes up. Those are the tags you should use.

And, you need to change this “Massage me in private”. Should be “Message me…”


Thank you @capitalquality for your review.

I am getting impressions views and clicks on my gigs but when i search on the website they are not appearing. all 10 pages checked. I was wondering how those impressions are coming so i could improve my gigs for those tags and categories.

I have changed the tags and description as you advised.


My gigs appear in different places in searches depending on what I search for. You might have to try different search words and phrases to search to work out where the impressions are coming from.