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Gig not complete until I’ve posted a review?

I’ve recently discovered Fiverr 2 weeks ago and have purchased 2 gigs from different artists in a bid to find the best style I want for a bigger future project.

One gig turned out to be quite disappointing, to the point where no amount of revisions would have resolved it. So I just approved the gig & said my thanks to the artist along with explaining that I’m waiting on other gigs before I make up my mind. Instead of leaving negative feedback, I chose not to leave feedback at all (as I didn’t feel comfortable leaving negative or false/positive feedback when I was so disappointed in the final result).

Within 5 days I have received 7 messages (without responding to any) asking for a review, then asking me why I’m ignoring them & now stating the order is not complete until I leave a review? I checked the order and it states completed at the bottom & I approved the final product. Is this the case?

I have also found that random people have hunted me down on Instagram (my username is similar) & hounded me on there too.

I feel that Fiverr is such a fantastic opportunity for the artists I’ve discovered so far but the messages I’ve received have really confused me and put me off :frowning:


A Seller asking for a review is a violation of the Fiverr ToS.

I suggest you either mention that or take it up with Fiverr CS.


With that much hounding, I wouldn’t even bother warning them, just report and block. Plus, if they delivered an incomplete order, that too is against the ToS.


Thank you. I didn’t realise there was a block option so I have done that now. I have also raised it with CS as I do feel being told false information in order to get a review is unfair on new members.


You did well to report that artist. There is a lot of talented artist on Fiverr, but unfortunatly a lot of fake one too. Reporting this kind of behavior just make the platform better for everyone, including other artists.:+1:


Oh, my! That is wrong, wrong, wrong! The seller deserves to be reported! :rage: