Gig not completed :(


first time using this site and its leaving a very bad taste in my mouth already!

requested some anime art to be done and have received nothing in return from "************"
gave him seven days to complete the project and he asked for an extra 48hours and ive still heard nothing back from him. now when i click on on his profile name im taken back to the main page…?

i cant see his profile anymore on the site and it has left me frustrated and annoyed.
can someone point me to where i can get this sorted out



You can contact Fiverr customer support.


His account was probably disabled. Contact CS and they’ll help you out.


I have had the same thing happen to me, but no one has contacted me from customer support
how do I get refunded for a gig that wasn’t delivered and now they blocked me from contacting them
so upset, and this is over $200 spent on a business report
so mad


You can click on the order form and press resolution which will allow you to cancel the order. Or you can click here to contact Fiverr Support


As far as I know Fiverr has some sort of an Escrow mechanism to keep your money safe. So you will be able to get it back.

Yet, since there are tons of sellers here I am quite sure you can find someone else who is reliable according to his/her average rating.