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Gig not delivered and fiverr marked as done

I placed a order for a GIG and we (Designer and I ) had problems with the design.
while I was cordinating with the Designer to sort the problem. Fiverr has approver the GIG. I am contacting the Credit Card compay to request for my money.
Any body had any experience like this?


What was the problem with the design? Quality of work isn’t a ground for cancellation. And where you say ‘contact the credit card company’, do you mean initiate a chargeback?

Looks like you didn’t press a button to request a revision. Fiverr has a big banner on top of your order saying that if you wouldn’t take action order will autocomplete itself in 3 days.
On top of that fiverr also sent you an email 24 hours before the order was marked completed reminding you again.

They might open a dispute but you wouldn’t immediately get your money back. And your fiverr profile will be banned right away.

Looks like you missed a couple of warnings from fiver. However you still can keep working with your designer through messages or to contact fiverr support if your designer is unresponsive for a couple of days.


Hi Maria thank you for your reply.

I was frustrated the Support did not respond to my messages. I was cordinating with the Designer and you can contact him.
You mentioned I will be banned from Fiverr, that does not bother me , I am Retired and doing this Design as a Hobby. Also there are too many Companies like Fiverr.
I am waiting to hear from the Designer.

Thanks again for you reply.

Best regards

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You’re totally in the wrong. Just because you don’t care doesn’t justify it at all.


Hi Jake thanks for your quick response.
Fiverr Support has not replies for my messages.
Nothing has been done on the web site **************. The Designer has some problem with connecting the Woozoone to Amazon and I was cordinating with the Designer and he was very helpful. Designer told me that he will sort it out and yesterday I received this message from Support:

Hi sivcohosting,

While you were busy doing, we went ahead and marked your order as complete.

If no revisions are requested, orders autocomplete three days after sellers deliver.

If you have any issues with this order, please ********* or use the Resolution Center for further assistance.

It’s not too late to leave your review. Every review is appreciated!

Even the Designer was not happy and he said he will sort it out. I will give a week and no joy I have to do other means of resolving the problem.

Thanks for listening to my moarn.
I am Retired and doing this as a Hobby and I connot throw away £120.

Best regards

Siva Sithamparam

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Hi @sivcohosting, you don’t need to file a chargeback and risk Fiverr banning your account.

You can ask your seller for revision, and if you really feel there’s no way whatever issue can be corrected, use the Resolution Center to request your seller to cancel the order.

If your seller refuses to cancel, then please contact support asking them to cancel the order and to kindly refund you.

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Hi maitasun

Thanks for your reply.

I am in touch with the Designer and see how he is going to resolve.

Thanks again for you prompt reply.
If the support would have responed like you it would have been solved.

You have a nice evening.

Best regards


You’re most welcome, @sivcohosting.

Hope everything gets solved. :slightly_smiling_face:

You, too, have a great day! :slightly_smiling_face:

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We should make your order in modification. I think you direct comunicate with designer without any modification. If you dont make order in revision then automatically complete within 3 days

Thanks Chris
I have been in touch with the Designer.

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Thats Great!!!
Hope so get your final design

As already highlighted by the community orders auto complete after 3 days if revision is not requested using a proper method i.e. using the request revision button.

But there is nothing to worry yet, you can contact the seller via Inbox and ask him to do the necessary changes as he was also involved in the revision process. I hope he will honor your request and you both will end up with a successful Gig delivery.

CS is there for any help even after the Gig is marked as complete. If you think you are not delivered what you ordered, you can always ask them (CS) for resolution.