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Gig not delivered since I purchased after agreed with Seller 78 days ago

I been so hesitant to write this, and have spent many nights trying to research this issues out on my own. I’ve also tried to resolve this on my own thru what channels I could find but while hopeful at first, there’s not been a solution. I am at a loss hence my message here in search of suggestions. Back on July 12, I agreed to a premium gig with a seller who at the time was a level 2. This seller had a very nice portfolio and I had several messages back and forth with specifics of what I needed done. I paid extra for this gig because I needed some extra details to be part of the logo design. I provided photos of exactly what I needed done. I took the time to share exactly what my business is and what we do. Even provided some video. All the while I was being told he had it under control. Within 3 days I received a pencil drawn sketch. I asked for a revision on a couple things. Two weeks later I received another pencil drawn sketch. This sketch was very close to what I was looking for but I needed one very small correction on it. That took another 2 weeks for another pencil drawn sketch. The 3rd sketch is the one I said I would like to go with. I asked if he needed more colors and he said no he was fine. I saw NOTHING at all until about a week ago. I was hearing nothing from the seller. I would periodically send him a message to ask how things were going or if he needed anything and always the answer was he was find and working on it. I finally sent a progress report request thru the CS resolution because I just wasn’t hearing anything at all despite being promised it was almost done, etc. This got his attention and he started to work on it (or had someone do it) and he started sending me messages like “2 more days” and another one that said “only 24 more hours” and things like that. Then they send me a simple jpg file. NOTHING more. And what’s worse, it not only didn’t remotely resemble the sketch we agreed to, they left off my business’s name. And there was only a jpg file when I paid for much more. I was very unhappy. I sent it back immediately and explained why. I provided a copy of the sketch we agreed to, and again requested it be done properly or perhaps just refunded. He told me he would get it done in 2 days time. Or he would refund me my $315. That was 3 days ago. When all this started he showed 15 jobs in his que. Now he shows 6. He still showing jobs being delivered in his profile statistics so not sure why. Any suggestions would be most warmly appreciated. This gig is really important to me. I purchased commercial/copyright as well. I own my business. This logo is a big part of it and I am now at almost 3 months set back over this.*


78 days for a logo… well your seller is really taking a p*ss.
If you don’t want to wait any more longer you can request a cancellation through resolution center and see if they will accept it.
If not you can reach out to support and ask them to cancel this order on your behalf.
It would also seem very strange that their final delivery is nothing similar to a sketch and I probably would highly doubt that in their next delivery (which god knows when it will happen) will be a proper logo that you are expecting.


Why are you being so considerate to this seller?

They have abused your trust, acted highly unprofessionally and not delivered the work.

Cancel the order immediately for a full refund and report them to customer service.

They are taking you for a ride. Find a decent seller to work with.


I am a logo designer too. I think if the communication between buyer and seller is sound. A logo can be design within a week.
If it is a premium deal.


Thank you for getting back to me. Is it a normal part of the process to only send a jpg image for final delivery for a premium gig and then tell the buyer the rest of the package would be delivered when the gig is finally ‘approved as completed’? My concern with this is twofold. First, this is my only experience here on Fiverr so I don’t know if that is the correct procedure or not. What if I do as he asks and he doesn’t deliver the rest of the package? Do I have any recourse at that point? Secondly, my even bigger concern is how do I know that he’s bothered to finish the package yet and has it ready to go? Taking his word for it just isn’t a move that makes me feel really confident at the moment. Just this morning He sent another message saying it would be ready by evening.

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If it’s stated in the premium package that the final delivery will consist of a jpg image only, yes. Otherwise, no; everything listed in the premium package must be delivered. What you are describing is an incomplete delivery and a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service.

Not. When officially delivering, sellers must delivered fully completed work and all the files agreed on.

Don’t do it.

You can contact Customer Support and complain that you were delivered incomplete work. They will cancel the order and refund you (if you ask them for it), but these days, due to the pandemic, they take up to 10 days to respond, or even more.

You don’t. And he could avoid finishing the package and claiming that you have already approved the delivery. You could eventually get a refund with the help from Customer Support, but it might take a while.


No, it’s not normal.
Your seller again broke rules there. He is not supposed to deliver “partial” delivery. It’s strictly against TOS. He delivered complete finished order with all files, you approve them, complete order and leave a review. That’s it.
You can actually report him for that behaviour and he will get a warning.
Seriously, he broke so many rules and behaved super unethical while working with you.

You can drop him a message that it’s against fiverr TOS to send incomplete delivery and you will approve the order only when he will deliver everything as promised in his gig.