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GIG not found in search result every where

I have created a GIG
but can’t find in search results
any explanation?


How long have you been putting it online? It takes at least 24 hours for Fiverr to approve your Gig and place it on the search with the others. This happens with sellers who don’t have experience only, I think they can trust you afterward? I don’t know :joy:

I am a new seller here, i may don’t have some experience
Is that a material to make fun of?

If you’ll notice, my advice came first, and I think it cleared up your situation. The laugh came after and for another thing that was point and apart from the advice. It was funny because it certainly happens with newcomers, but I don’t know how much it stops happening or why, so I just assumed something in the form of a joke. Try to be less sensitive, okay? I just wanted to help.

Thanks for your advise!