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GIG not found in search result


Hello All,

I changed one of my best seller gig before 20+ days ago…and from that 48 hours later of the changed I could not found my GIG in search result…thats why I contacted customer care …and after there feedback mail they " DENIED MY GIG "…I asked for the reason and they asked for source files of my gig images… So I provide them all of my images source files and they again asked for the source files…again I provide them all source files…and after that they didn’t reply me…already 20+ day over but the ticket is also unsolved :frowning: :disappointed_relieved: :cry: :sob:


Mine is not showing up either. Who did you contact? What email address.


Fiverr customer support…!


Which link? Did you get back online?


Please go through the bottom of your fiverr profile and will get Customer support option !


Yeah I see it now. Thanks.

Did they solve it for you?


No…its open for last 20+ days…what can I do…need suggestions from experts!


If your gig images were copied from internet or any other sources then they will not re activate your gig.

Just make sure all the gig images were your own and if it is 100% confirmed then you can re contact the customer support and ask for the feedback.


OK here is what they replied.

That my title was misleading and that my gig was unethical …

They thought I was selling Amazin product reviews LOL. I am actually selling content (articles etc)) for affiliate websites, not Amazon directly. Somebody did not bother to read it all.

So my advice it to read your gig title and description as a 10 year ikd with an attention soan of a … Er 10 year old.

Could they have misread and misunderstood your gig?


No no…the primary image concept and design are totally made by me…unique…and other 2 images also have the source files…and I provide them all source files…after that they again asked me for source file…and when I resend them all files…they didn’t reply me still now!


May be there editorial team checking your files and it will take time … they will reply you.


Hope so…because it was one of my best gig!
Every day I get atleast 1 order in that gig…it was also in 1 page of searching result!
Please pray for me!

And Thank You!