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Gig not found without filter

I recently made a character animation gig. But my gig cant be found without any filter. I have to add a filter to find it. Can anyone tell why is this so? Gig should be seen without filter even. When i add 3d and advertising in filter then i can see my gig on 19th page even then. Created it two days ago and in 2 days went to 19 page even. Please explain. Veterans? Thanks


According to this, then filters are simply a part of it:

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stay active, make improvement of gig :slightly_smiling_face:


That tells about gig ranking not search. My gig is visible only with filters. It is not visible without filters

I’ve read that anything past page 20 tends to be messed up. How many gigs are in those categories? How much competition are you facing?


Thanks for sharing but my concern is not the orders. My concern is regarding the visibility of my gig. It should be visible without filters. Not with filters only

Veterans? Please guide

Let me try a different angle: Are you getting impressions?

If you’re getting impressions, it’s showing up in search, even if you can’t find it yourself.


I got 5 impressions yesterday, but my concern is that it should be visible without filters not with filters. Without filters it cant be seen. Plus my gig was pushed back to last pages even though i created it 2 days ago, it should be near 5 or 6 page but not 19.

@lloydsolutions @mariashtelle1 @lenasemenkova any help?

Honestly, I ignore these kinds of posts because it always boils down to me saying that it happens to me on occasion and it tends to sort itself out eventually because the search results are dynamic and whatnot. Then OP (not you specifically) yells at me how I’m being unhelpful, how they want their place on the first page back right this instant because they had it for 10 years under the same keywords and no one is ever allowed to take it from them and so on. It’s not fun.

BUT, to quote myself, it happened to me before. The gig was gone and I could only find it using TRS filter. It went on for 1.5-2 months but since some orders were still coming in, I figured someone was still seeing it. I thought that if I’d contact CS, they’d tell me: “We can see it, here it is” and that’ll be it so I didn’t. Then the issue just randomly fixed itself. I got an influx of orders, checked the search results and the gig was back.

At some point some CS agent told me that (at least in my category) there are 22 pages of results and those gigs that don’t fit into those 22 pages at the moment (for whatever reason) simply temporarily “fall off”. Which may be why you’re able to find your gig under certain specific conditions but not during a general search.

I don’t really have an advice. Except that contacting CS won’t probably do any good and that obsessively searching for your gig is bad for your blood pressure. I hope the issue sorts itself out soon.


Thanks for clearing. I just thought maybe there was some issue with my gig. So this issue is common. I shouldn’t worry about it. Thanks for telling

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I don’t know if it’s “common” as I didn’t see complaints about it (except yours). But I don’t visit forum a lot these days so I might have missed them. I experienced it around a year ago.

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