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Gig Not Impration,I need help


I’m since Aug 2018. I’m not get any order.I want platform in fiverr.
Please help me
This is my profile link


i checked out your profile
1- i can not see any gig. you have to create a gig if u dont have one, and if you have, then something is wrong with it.
2- your description is loaded with bits of grammatical errors, aswell as your forum postt. You have to brush on yourEnglish and basic communication skill.



sir please check


Hi there,

You need to improve your description, both profile and gigs.
It doesn’t look professional at all…,
Based on what i saw right now, you failed to convince buyer order from you.

Gig tittle is bad,
Gig description is poor
as graphic designer, your thumbnail is not good too :frowning:

for example : Profile description :
I will…, I will…, I will… (sound like child’s writing)

Please read fiverr tutorial again…,
You can learn so much from there…,

Best you luck,


thank you sir for better advice
i will edit all gig


Unfortunately, the tough reality is that your English skills are not good enough to attract buyers. There are so many mistakes on your text that I would spend a lot of time correcting it.

People have a hard time believing that somebody that can’t speak properly can provide a professional service, simply because they will go through a lot of struggle to make you understand what they need.

My opinion is that you can’t be successful here without proper English skills, no matter how good you are at what you do. Communication is almost half of the freelancing job.

The good news is that you can find a lot of guides online for free to get better at speaking English. The cards are in your hands. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much. I understand