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Gig not listed under category


I’ve been on fiverr for a while and I cannot seem to find my gig anywhere. I have it listed under mixing and mastering, yet when I search through the pages my gig is nowhere to be found. Has anyone else had this problem?

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I am also facing this issue. My gig is de-ranked from the keywords on which it was ranked and also when I try to search my gig with my exact gig’s title even then it does not show in the result, I also tried putting “online sellers” and my level’s filter but still it was not there on the first few pages on which I looked.

Earlier when normally I did this, my gig did show on the very first place in the results of searching my gig’s title but this time something is strange. I also have messaged to the CS about this issue which seems like a bug.

Please wait 24 hours.then if not found please contact support for better solution