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Gig not not Show in online search But still i am online


Any one can help me. I am level one.
But 2 days I have a problem. My Gig not not Show in online search But still i am online.
anyone have same problem?
Please help.

#2 .
Go to account settings and check your online status :wink:


Thanks.I know. But Not working.


Ask customer support


Hi, yes same issue I’m facing from last 2 days.


I contacted fiverr. But not solve yet.


@naimadesign You have to wait for response from CS.


You will not be a problem
Because your account is active
The sale is not a problem for you
Increase your promotion
Everything will be successful


check your gig in another browser ,


Thanks, but Not solve.


I am also facing this issue I have tried to check my gig in other browsers but still the same problem.


Can you try contact support ?


I am also having same problem from few days. Don’t know and don’t understand why these things happen. Before that some of my gigs where not appearing in search results now my gigs are appearing but not appearing online even when I am online. :sleepy::sleepy::expressionless::neutral_face::neutral_face:


Now it fix by fiverr team.
So you can minimum 15 minute online. so then check.