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Gig not payed after 6days

I finished my first Gig 6 days ago. I wrote a song for someone and still havent got payed. I dont havemuch experiance here so can somone pls explain me why is this? Thank you.
Sorry if there is already this topic somewhere.

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If the buyer left you a review, you have to wait 14 days for clearance. If they didn’t leave any review, then the order will be automatically accepted after 3 days and then you have to wait another 14 days for clearance.

If you go to your dashboard, right under your profile picture and the stats, it should say something like “Earned in May - XX”, if you click on the amount, you can get to your list of revenues where you can see how long it takes for each order until you can withdraw the money.

Hope that helped. :slight_smile:


Tnx for fast reply. The thing is I wrote a song for him in inbox. And he was satisfied and said he will get back to me. However he left no review. Only thing I see on my profile is Response rate, order complition amd On-time delivery is on 100%…

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Did the person actually place an order at all, or did you just agree to do the work and then send it by inbox? You have to have an order first and then deliver it through the delivery page.


You’ll need to check your sales page. Deliveries that haven’t been reviewed/marked as complete by the client will be under the “delivered” tab until they’re completed by the buyer, or automatically completed by Fiverr.

Delivered orders don’t count until they’re marked as complete.


You are right. There was no order. I just agreed through the inbox and wrote everything there. I guess thats the problem? :frowning:

Yes, that’s it. Unfortunately, the potential buyer has no obligation to you at all if they didn’t place an order. Customer Support can’t help you either since no contact was made via the order page. Be sure to get an order before you do any more work. Good luck!

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Thank you very much for a fast help! As I said I have no experiance so… for the next time I know. Thank you all for your help again. Cheers.

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try contact him
maybe he forget