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Gig not performing

Hello guys!

Please look at my gig. Its not performing well even though i have been updating tags on weekly basis to help it boost but its not working.

Here are the stats


Dear college, we’re on the same boat! In my opinion, what’s lacking is TRAFFIC to the gig - the marketplace is super competitive! However, if those are numbers for the last few days only, it’s not so bad…

Well i think may be we are missing a critical point which others have figured out by getting lucky. I have seen teenagers with latest accounts succeed way too fast which makes me feel worthless.

These stats were even worse before uploading a video for the gig. And i started my fiverr account in jan 2018 since then i have failed to get my second order


Sorry to hear that!:pensive: I’m also always curious how come some people just “get lucky”, but I doubt that it has to do with pure luck! It’s probably the question of stuff like current ranking algorithms, competition, how unique the offer is, and who knows what else!

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Just open the fiverr top ranking gigs and you will see that so many fresh gigs succeeding even with high competition. What makes me scratch my hair off is that how do these people get the insights in algorithms. Nobody is willing to give the “secret tip”. I have tried implementing the free tips but that gets me nowhere.

I have tried changing tags and all that stuff but i still don’t get traffic.I am totally sick of it.

I’ve heard that Fiverr gives new gigs a boost in the rankings… just a temporary boost. Somebody correct me if I’m wrong!

I have tried deleting and creating new gigs from scratch but still i don’t get any “boost”.

Take a look. These are all my gigs some have been created recently

none of my gigs work

I think what you need is to increase impressions.
I have recently joined fiverr but have good impressions.
Don’t give it will get orders just keep believe in yourself

How to increase impressions?

Deleting and creating gigs from scratch is not going to give you an advantage. Fiverr doesn’t enable people to game the system.


How to get impressions then?

Hundreds of people ask that here. Look it up.

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Yeah well i have been reading and applying them since i got on fiverr. Those are bogus tips

No, they’re not. The tips that successful sellers share on the forums are the same tips that would apply in any business.

  • Offer a product or service that you’re truly exceptional at
  • Make sure it’s something that people actually need/want
  • Illustrate, to the absolute best of your ability, why YOU are the best choice

Now look at the screenshot of gigs you’ve posted. Can you honestly say that this applies to all of your gigs?

You offer to crop and resize images, but people can do that today on their phones. You offer to create an intro video, but again, most people can do that on their phones these days, or for free off of a website, and the one example you provide is extremely basic. You offer to do graphic design, but your example is just one, very basic business card.

I know this probably isn’t what you want to hear, but it’s not the tips - it’s your gigs. You need to work out what it is that you actually should be selling here, and then create more compelling gigs that will make people want to spend money with you.


Me also… can anyone help me?

To be very honest with you. I am a Senior Software Engineer. I am literate enough to know how fiverr works.
If you take a look at fiverr trending gigs you will find a lot low effort gigs that even untechnical people are earning a fortune off. I tried my luck on too that. Now dont get me wrong my professional work at my full time job is of the quality level to be featured on fiverr pro but as my gigs were not working i had to unfortunately switch to which i think untechnical low work required gigs like picture cropping or intro or print media just to try my luck out, but the result is same.

Believe me i have tried setting up professional gigs too in the past like wordpress plugin development to full big corporate level softwares why wont those work?? I dont know maybe i am missing something critical. But what i am mad at is people are making a fortune off low effort required gigs yet no one is willing to at least guide on the “secret” track let alone practically helping.

I hope you get my point

That’s great, and my original post wasn’t intended to cause you offence, nor did I question your literacy. What you do in your day-job is none of my business. But you’ve created a number of poor quality gigs, and you’re asking why they’re not selling, so it’s not unreasonable for someone to think that you’re unfamiliar with how Fiverr works. I can’t speak on your old gigs as they’re not live anymore, only the ones you’ve got live now, but the fact is, quality gigs sell.

I don’t know which gigs you’re referring to specifically. But any gigs that sell on this platform at any respectable volume do so because the person selling is offering an in-demand product, and is doing a good job of presenting their service to potential clients. Perhaps their thumbnails are really good, which is drawing in lots of traffic? Perhaps they have a great video on their gigs, which is giving them credibility and making people feel at-ease? Perhaps their descriptions are smart, witty, unique?

Your gigs don’t really do any of those things… so that may well be why they’re not selling. There is no ‘secret’, honestly.

My point is, it’s no use getting mad because other people are selling and you’re not. What can you do to improve your gigs? And if the work you do in your day job is Pro level, and it’s compatible with Fiverr, I would start by deleting the low-skill gigs and creating some gigs you can be really proud of.

Good luck to you.


Every time you update your gig description you totally come out of the search for a period of time. Best advice is to set it up and forget about it. Don’t tinker with it.

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There are no “secret tips”. Fiverr keeps the inner workings of their algorithm confidential for a reason. Their algorithm is proprietary software; sharing it would allow people to inappropriately take advantage of the system – and none of us want that.


Fiverr is a capitalist website. Competition – whether that be pricing or by service – is the point of this site. There is nothing wrong with people “making a fortune off of low-effort gigs”. We cannot share secrets that we do not know, and I’m 100% certain that Fiverr will never share the proprietary “secrets” (your word) of their search system.

Your job, as a freelancer, is to research, create, and promote your services in such a way that you convince your target customers to hire you. Fiverr is not responsible for the success of any seller on this site. We all have to manage those tasks on our own.