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GIG not published but in Draft

My Gig not published because i could not qualify TEST. But want to know that till which time gig will be publish. Need help in this regard.


You can try the English exam on Fiverr :green_heart:

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and that will held after 3 months.

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Once you complete the required test for your gig, the gig will be published.

The reason that you have to wait 3 months is because you already took the test twice recently and you didn’t pass both times!

I hope the above info helps!

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Regards! So nice of you but for your kind information i just take 1 test nor 2…So see what happen next. however my gigs still in Draft drop list may publish soon, am hopeful why you are not!..however am glad that receiving response from community. my best regards to all COMMUNITY…

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