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GIG not Publishing. Please anyone Help!

Hello Guys, Please Can any one help what is the main problem in this?

Yesterday i just create my another GIG when i click on Publish Button it goes Automatically to Overview section (In create GIG). I just check all my information which i put in GIG then i changed all but still not posting.

So any solution for that please. Now the GIG is in Draft box.

Edit again and publish. or Just contact customer support.

Did you created 3 identical gigs?
Try Save button at the right bottom on each page. Stick to one gig till the end, don’t jump out to check.

Yes i created 3 gigs about white board animation @isapony

I try many time but still same problem @ahmedghumro

@isapony please help me give me any right suggestion.

So, Can i delete one of identical gig?

I don’t know. You can try remove duplicate ones.
Or just remove all 3 and redo once. If you haven’t resolved this for 7 days, why not start from zero instead of waiting.

@isapony so now i can delete one of duplicate GIG . But start from zero is much difficult

@isapony Oh my God :scream: My Problem was solved … Thank you very much to give me the suggestion.

You are welcome. Good to hear that.

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