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Gig not ranking, need help with keyword research

Hi, I am a level one seller, but I really suck at making my gigs rank.All orders I had were through buyer request. I have tried doing all th optimization techniques on my gigs, tags, keywords and everything. I have realized that the keywords I was targetting had a huge competition. I made a list of All keywords that I can find in my niche according to fiver search engine, but they all have a huge competition going on. At this point I am really frustrated, how I can choose the right keyword and target it. Can you please please guide me?
Here is my profile link:


How many impressions and clicks do you average per day?

163 in red for last 7 days :frowning:

Marketing your gig in different social media try to active on fiverr

Have you considered opening a specialised writing gig? That could be one way to stand out. See what topics are trending at the moment, and have been for a while, and open a gig focused on those topics. You’re writing for $5, so buyers shouldn’t expect you to be a renowned expert in those subjects.

I think you should also clean up the grammar errors in your gig and profile descriptions. Some are really (and I mean really) off putting. When you’re struggling to attract people to your gig, you need to make the most of everybody who visits.

With a better looking gig, you may impress Fiverr’s algorithm more and find your search position improves.


This article contains some info about narrowing your focus, and choosing keywords that represent that focus:

Thank you for the response, and bringing the writing errors in my description and info (I really didn’t focus on that). Is 5$ not a good starting range?
PS. I have searched a lot on fiver search engines, but there are basically common words and not specific ones. But I can give that a shot.

That’s ok. Best to fix them so that nobody has any reason to click away from your gig. :slight_smile:

Fiverr’s algorithm is complex, but it takes performance into account. Even with the most perfect keywords, you’ll struggle to get spotted if your gig’s general performance isn’t great – if people are coming to your gig but regularly clicking away.

That price range is fine. It should give you confidence to write on diverse topics, as the expectation won’t be huge, compared to, say, a $200 gig.


Corrected the mistakes, can you please help me create a new gig? My response rate, delivery time everything is good so far.

Just help me search a title, that’s all

Cool. :slight_smile:

The big one at the start of your profile has gone, which is good!

Would you want to create a writing gig based on your qualification, food and nutrition? You must be an expert in that field, and everybody likes hiring experts.

Yes I am really proficient in my field.

Gig should be opened by keyword research

Your title could be something like: I will write about food and nutrition as a university graduate.

In your opening paragraph, you could mention your qualifications and the knowledge you’d bring to your writing projects. You could also include a few writing samples to help you demonstrate your expertise.

chose low competive keyword

i can give that a shot, and lets see how it goes.

How to find low competition ones?

search keyword and note how many gig