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Gig not reviewed and it's been over a month

What can be done here? Are you supposed to wait months for review to have a gig listed? It took almost a year to even be added to the Fiverr Pro list just because no one was responding to my emails and now I can’t seem to get a gig reviewed either. Is this supposed to be how this works?

People review if they sense high value and you solved their problem.

Don’t assume the lack of reviews is a system issue. If you want reviews, take responsibility and earn them. Reflect on the way you run business as that is likely the problem.

No one gets reviews by waiting. They get them by fulfilling and exceeding client need.

I get reviews for a lot of my sales. I got a review for my very first sale here.

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This was not about client reviews. This was about Fiverr reviewing a gig for it to go live. You came off a bit condescending in telling me to “take responsibility and earn them” while not even addressing the topic being discussed here. Are you a Fiverr Pro?

I see that you have one gig live on your profile. It can be found in search, too, so it’s definitely listed.

Or do you have more than one gig?

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It wasn’t listed at the time this post was made. I had to contact support and they finally got it listed. Thanks.

So do they allow Pro Sellers to offer “hosting and maintenance for 12 months” and “12-months support”? I thought only up to 30 days service duration was allowed.


I am not a Fiverr Pro, but that isn’t relevant.

A Fiverr CS review doesn’t enable your gig. You publish it and it becomes live automatically, so I wouldn’t have thought that you were referring to that. It can be put on hold if Fiverr wants to verify your skills or removed if it breaks ToS, but that is it. You either meant that verification or the approval of the gig video. “Get gig reviewed” doesn’t describe either scenario and reviews refers to reviews here.

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@humanissocial, FiverrPro requires gigs to be reviewed by the FiverrPro team before it is live. It is NOT automatic for FiverrPros. Please don’t talk down to me on a subject you clearly do not know about.

Yes, @uk1000. FiverrPros get some engagement abilities as well as the ability to customize offers and contact off-platform. It’s a lengthy process for approval but it definitely allows for some flexibility with clients.

Thanks. Maybe they should change the Fiverr terms of service then if it’s different for Fiverr Pros re: the maximum service duration bit.

I know it does. You said “it took almost a year to be added to the Fiverr Pro list.” I don’t see why I would think you are asking about admission to Fiverr Pro after you said a few words earlier that you were on the Fiverr Pro list.

It reads as if you are asking if Fiverr is slow in general because admission to Fiverr Pro was slow.

The second part of the sentence says “now I can’t get a gig reviewed either.” which would elude that I am on the FiverrPro list and having an issue with a gig being reviewed. Your initial comment was about reviews from clients, which had nothing to do with FiverrPro at all, so for you to now say it reads like I was talking about Fiverr being slow in general or being added to FiverrPro being slow doesn’t match your original comment about client reviews.

I wasn’t asking about admission to FiverrPro. I was asking about a gig being reviewed, which was the title of the post as well as it being referenced in the post itself. I’m not sure why it’s necessary for you to be so condescending here when you were wrong but this is my last response on the matter. Have a great evening.

Maybe it would have been clearer to say the gig was “pending approval” (there’s a pending approval section in the gigs) for over a month or in moderation for over a month since that would have made it clearer you didn’t mean it hadn’t had a buyer review in over a month.

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Yes it does because in the first comment I thought were referring to buyers leaving reviews. I wasn’t referring to Pro because I didn’t know this is what you meant.

In my second comment I knew that you didn’t actually mean reviews of orders, but still didn’t know you meant Fiverr Pro.

I only knew you meant Fiverr Pro until my third comment.

The reason my comments seem to conflict is because, as I explain above, I am referring to totally different things in each of them because I have a different context in each one.

As I explained, it wasn’t clear that you meant a review process on Fiverr Pro, hence all these misunderstandings.

Take care.

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Other FiverrPros would have understood the question which was why I posted in the FiverrPro forum because it’s a FiverrPro issue. I didn’t realize all forums were for all sellers, regardless of status. I’ll remember that for next time.

Even if in the Fiverr Affiliate forum section, it could still be interpreted as reviews of Fiverr Pro orders, plus it looks like you were you in that section to compare an experience to your Fiverr Pro experience. And I still don’t know what you meant by a year to get “on the Fiverr Pro list” or how you could be on it if your gig hadn’t even been reviewed by the Fiverr Pro team, as you explained. Unless you mean a second Fiverr Pro gig.

In any case, it is best to be clear and explicit about what you mean. Without details, categories like forum topics can muddy the context further vs. clarify it.