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Hi Fiverr’s I am having an issue saving my gig. After I input information into the “Description” box and click save, it scrolls back up to “Instructions for Buyers” which is slightly highlighted green. When I input information into the box it does not count the number of letters nor does it give me the option to save. I reset my Browser, Cache, etc… Help a new Fiverr!

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Seems like java script is not working in your browser. If so please try enabling the JS.

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Hello, I tried the same thing on Oct 12 (several times) and I could not save either. There might be a bug in the fiverr software.



Reply to @sdglhm: thank you, I tried but it apparently isn’t the java script


Do you have any links or some fiverr prohibited items in the description box. If so try removing them and saving.

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Reply to @sdglhm: hi no links in the description, just text. It saved but then goes down to the buyer instructions (which I have none) so not sure what to do


Oh, If your buyer instructions are null. That is the reason. You should type something in the buyer description text area. Try it and let me know.

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Reply to @sdglhm: i typed something in and it still doesn’t save, it doesn’t even do a word count of what i type


Reply to @sdglhm: so it worked on google chrome so I’m thinking there is a bug with Safari! Problem solved


I am having the exact same issue…I’m using Safari too, will try Chrome, thanks!


Had the same issue. You need to refresh the page and fill in the requirement fields first. If a warning comes up you need to refresh the page again. Definitely a website bug.


Reply to @promotionvideos: refreshing wasn’t the issue nor was the requirement fields, everything was already filled I was just editing a part in my description and it would not let me save, its something with Safari definitely


My gigs are not saving as well :frowning:


It’s OK from my end on both firefox and chrome.


Reply to @pierrew: try google chrome and if not then firefox, chrome worked for me


Hi, I am facing similar issue. Tried on all the platforms but not able to submit the gig. Please help.