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Gig Not Searchable - Who Did I Anger?

For the past several weeks, I have not been able to find my voice over gig when I enter all the relevant search criteria - male, American, adult, etc. I scroll through 19 pages of profiles of my fellow VO’s, but I’m nowhere in sight. I’m the kind of person who appreciates being told straight up what I’ve done to anger someone, and I’ll try to make it right. Apparently I’ve given offense to Fiverr, and all I’m asking is an explanation as to what that might have been so I can make it right and move forward.

Just for curiosity, did you pause that gig anytime?

Hmmmm. My gig is missing, too. I’m assuming it’s because of some kerfluffle with my statistics (which I ranted about elsewhere) but it would be interesting if it wasn’t just me.

Hey, @dan60559 I was having the same trouble and customer service fixed it for me last night. I definitely think you should try contacting them. I thought I was in the doghouse but it came out to be just a bug. I’m back to being on the first page of the searches.

Hey Dan, I don’t think you angered anyone! I can understand why you’d get concerned if your gig isn’t appearing on search anymore, but I’ve read stories of this happening especially when people make a tweak on their gigs or something. You should try contacting Customer Support about it :smiley:

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Correct. you gig may appear out of the search results for up to 48 hours after you edit it. If 48 hours has already passed, then yes I would take @rachelbostwick 's advice and contact CS.

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I too contacted CS. They told me that I had an illegal word in my gig, the word “testimonials.” I included that amongst my VO services with the idea of a company wishing to make a product testimonial, or maybe a video for Uncle Harry’s retirement party - that kind of “testimonial.” But for whatever reason, that got flagged. Their platform, their rules, I’m ok with that, but it’d be nice if they could notify you when you’re out of compliance. I do give kudos to CS for their quick response - good to know they’re very responsive! Anyway, all is fixed now. :slight_smile:

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@rachelbostwick I also had same problem and CS resolved this issue

I had this problem before now it solved.

Same problem here.
My gigs are not showing in the search result page for the past few weeks after I made a tweak to my gig.
Any expert advice would be of great help.

Customer service fixed mine. That’s my advice :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the advice.
I did contact CS team and they said about gig promotion and gig deliveries etc. but they didn’t acknowledged that my gig is not searchable.
Can you please tell me how to review my ticket as the link they have provided to my for the review doesn’t give me options to review the ticket.