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Gig not selling?


no one buy my gig i dont know why i am graphic designer and my gig is logo related so tell me how can i sell my gig and if any one make my partner so tell me as well …


Your gig looks good in my opinion and I would have given you a go at designing my new logo but I already got a new guy here to do it - although I don’t use it as it is not to my taste, but I appreciated the time he spent.

You may be selling in a very full marketplace I do not know. But as a buyer of graphics this is the problem that I see. I pay for someone to make me 1 logo on fiverr and when they make it I do not like it enough to use it - then I am having to pay someone else to have a go at making something again and again hoping to get the perfect logo.

Is there some process to go through first that means we both understand what I would like it to look like? - but I have been given the artists view. Sometimes I like it sometimes I do not, and have wasted yet more money. So… I prefer to run a competition and select the one I like and pay him for his work.

Or is there a proper way to assess the needs upfront?