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Gig not show in result also not getting order

Hi team,
my gigs not showing in search result also i am not getting orders anyone can help to solve this issue please .


If it does not appear on your gig search pages
Inform fiverr customer support service.

how i know that my gig not ranking and not appear in search

no one reply me on my question anyone who can help me please

feel it is untrue to say that you will not receive orders.
You placed an order a day in advance.
(Last Delivery 1 day)
Businesses may continue to lose sales
Increases in some months.
Decreases in some months.
So don’t panic.
Promote your gigs on social media networks.
Send daily buyer requests.
Always read the tips in the forum when you are relaxed.
You have good reviews
So be patient.
You can succeed.