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Gig not show in search result, problem csreen shot

i have completed 28 order on my Gig, but it is not shown in search result. and issue raise , screen shot attached.

please help…


I have 2 - 3 times contact CS but not positive response yet. they send pre-documented resolution always.


vaishali_r fast contact support team and tell your problem. ones I face this type of problem and after 30 days my gig still inactive. than I contact support and they tell how to do. I follow there instruction and solve it.

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OK… may be due to gig edit, i was upload one video… i think this issue has occurred.

Unfortunately, you cannot expect to hear the answer YOU want to hear. If Fiverr has already given you an answer – multiple times – then that is the official answer Fiverr has available to give you.

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