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Gig not showing after cancellation

Hello everyone!! A client bought my gig but wanted something against fiverr TOS. I told her no and offered something else. First she ghosted and then agreed to cancel. My order completion dropped and now my gig isn’t showing -.- Before was ranked first page. What should I do?? Honestly I’m kind of stressed out, Fiverr is my only income right now and I’m not receiving any orders. Also Fiverr customer service doesn’t reply.

Any help is appreciated, Thanks.


yes, when i search for you on fiverr, it says “The user account you are looking for is no longer available”

my only advise would be to contact customer support and tell them exactly what happened, and good luck. i know there’s a bit of a que but they should get back to you

i don’t understand why you would be punishment, with banishment no less, for not breaking TOS <.< in what universe does that figure? on planet fiverr, that’s where. i feel blessed not being a seller sometimes i really do…

Really?? That’s even worst than I thought!

That’s not true. Your account shows up fine. Nice seeing other Portuguese people on Fiverr, btw!

Oh, Thanks! But I can’t find my problematic gig anyway, not even if I copy & paste my entire title. I just got a reply from Fiverr and, they said that analytics are handled automatically and I have to keep selling for everything go back to normal. So there’s no way.

You are doing so great!! Any tips?

Check the gig page to see if it’s paused?

It’s active, and because I have that impressions, clicks, and views bug, I’m unable to check my analytics

The analytics bug is irrelevant, don’t worry about it. If the gig is active, then you can access it, correct?

Yes I can but not through search! Before I was raking for “social media comment” 1st page, but now I’m nowhere to be found.

Ah, that happens. Don’t worry about it, nothing you can do. They rotate gigs frequently.

Oh no! Good to know! :exploding_head::exploding_head::sob::sob:

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It’s not true. Your account shows up fine

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When you have a cancellation that gig tends to be further away from the position it was… Don’t worry after a period of 60 days your gig will be fine again. Just keep exploring new skills in the free time while you wait.

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60 days is a long long time :frowning:

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Yeah, but if you are quite busy with interesting things you won’t even notice.

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