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Gig not showing even with same keyword

Hi guys, new to this site, i observed very strange thing which is, i typed “forex” in my friend’s laptop and clicked on online sellers, there were almost 10-15 sellers providing this service however, my gigs were not being shown whereas i was online in my laptop and all my gig has forex as a keyword.

Anybody could help on this please.


did you found you gig without online sellers?


Your account is showing as online so your online setting is correct.

This is a recurrent problem affecting everyone.


wait few days and spend time with forum, also try to marketing your all gig on social media


No luck bro, not even offline searched all 13 pages but my gigs are no where. Thanks for asking.


Ohh, this is really letting sellers down, one sitting entire day in front of computer hopping to get some work and site is not showing his gig anywhere. Thanks anyway.

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Thanks for your advice what do you suggest should I raise this issue to customer service because if this is the case, it is completely wasting time. There has to be transparency in the system.

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Search results are very weird since the last big algorithm update. You often can’t find services you’re looking for, such as your own gigs (Even when logged out) or veteran sellers and their super selling gigs.

It’s such a shame, as I remember seeing a couple of extremely well selling gigs maybe a year ago that I wanted to try later, and now I can’t find them anymore when sorting by best selling, as all that option gives me is worst selling gigs for some reason.

Being part of this site, fiverr must take this as a feedback/suggestion to improve experience and not as a complaint. So far my experience hasn’t been so good, just an example of today itself, i was creating new gig for online video classes where i needed to complete English test. when clicked on start test, got pop up window with error, no question. had to close and start over again but message showed saying wait for 90 days. Very funny.