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Gig not showing in results after a dispute and customer support not replying

Hi, I am top rated seller on fiverr and recently did a gig for a client, he placed order without discussion but i communicated with hime and did a video meeting with him to understand his requirements and updated the order, when delivered first draft he gave no specific feedback just said its not good enough, i replied hime that it is only first draft and i would need your feedback for further revisions, but he did not respond for many days. i reached out to customer support and explained situation. they reached out to him and still he did not respond. so i delivered 2nd revision based on my best judgment and he did not requested revision or gave any comments and went for order cancellation, which i rejected and after couple of day fiverr support cancelled the order. which my tick was open with them from 14 days on same matter.

so i asked fiverr for clarification and demanded the compensation for that, it was a big order. and as this ticket is still open my gig is not showing in the results at all.

I try all keywords that are related to my services but lets take the most generic ones “Ui Ux” because this is highly in demand.

So i search this and ho through all pages and do not see my any gig related to that. Please bear in mind that it does not show even on last page even after hundreds of not rates gigs.

Then i apply the filter of online sellers, no results

Then i apply rated sellers. Still not showing in gigs

Then i apply top rated seller. Then my gig shows up on applying this last filter.

I understand gig keeps revolving but not showing even in last page is not something usual or something that can be ignored.

I understand there are are other factors. But i have 5 star rating in last 60 days. 97% order complete rate. And 3% less is due to other gig which is not related to ui ux. I have 98% response rate . And 2 hours response time.

From what I understand and what fiverr mentions , these stats are PERFECT.

So please let me know if i am missing any other factors. Because vanishing gigs from results like this is something which is not acceptable at all unless i have violated any terms and conditions.

and now fiverr support is not answering my email from 2 days.

i would like to know what should i do and what are the reason behind hiding my gigs. is my account is under inpection?



delete this gig and reopen this gig

@goffer6575 … this is my best selling gig and have 300+ reviews. if i delete this gig means i delete my source of income.

Don’t even think of deleting the GIG, Contact support multiple times.

have this ticket open for almost 3 weeks now. Is this something related to order that git canceled by customer support?

Open a new ticket by refereeing the old ticket.

i think this will be and can be considered as spamming customer support, while they already have my account flagged , i do not want to give another reason to keep my account that way.

btw just send them a new message in same ticket saying i am waiting for your reply. otherwise they can close the ticket after 3 days.

Okay, you can do follow up on that ticket

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thanks, did it ever happened to you?

Not to me but to my known one. though they get their gig rank afterwards.

any idea, how long it took, and what what the main reason behind all the so i can make sure i do not do that mistake again.

Thanks for your cooperation )

I will speak with him and if i get any update will let you know.

Thank you very much, that mean A LOTTT!!!

I can wait, if i can only get confirmation that this all is temporary.


Any news from your friend, please let me know.