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Gig not showing in search results

When i do a search for my gig its no where to be found. i have tried searching the title, the tag words and even sections of the description. no matter how far down i search its not there at all. yet very close to the top are results that are completely unrelated to my search. i even logged out and tried again in case they just don’t want waste results space showing you your own gig. if i can’t find it how is anyone going to? all the sales i have on it i generated myself via Facebook. now i know you are going to ask if my tag words are good but if you tag words are say “car” “automobile” no matter how bad your S.E.O. is you should not be getting results that have nothing to do with your tag words and even if your gig shows up last it should at least show up.

Hi diva, Fiverr openly admits that not all of a sellers gigs show up in search. The only place all of your gigs will show all the time is on your profile page.

You can contact Customer Service and ask them about it, but unless something has changed very recently, they’ll simply tell you what I already did. Good luck!

i have been paying fiverr for self generated sales. if they are not going to provide me traffic what am i paying the fee for. i should stop directing people to my fiverr gig so that fiverr can take a cut and give nothing in return

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That is the question every seller has to decide. gets huge amounts of traffic, but each individual seller/gig may or may not.

yeah but there is a difference between getting no traffic because no one clicks on your gig when it shows up in search results and it not showing up at all. Also i think the traffic tracking they provide is unreliable. for example i have a gig that says impressions in the last 30 days from fiverr is 7 impressions and clicks from these impressions is 50, even at a 100% click to impression rate they can only ever really be even. no way should there ever be more clicks from impressions than impressions. that math just don’t add up

itsyourthing said: That is the question every seller has to decide. gets huge amounts of traffic, but each individual seller/gig may or may not.

It's one thing to favor some over others in search results but entirely another to actually prevent a seller's gigs from appearing in the search results. it's unconscionable, unethical and underhanded. I have copied and pasted a zero impression gig description into the search box. Not only did that gig not appear at all but some of my other gigs that managed to obtain impressions showed up in that that very same search.

I am sure it’s been mentioned before, but add a video. I had trouble getting some of my gigs indexed until I added a video. Some categories simply have way too high of competition in to get indexed in unless you have some order flow coming in. Generally, add a video. Shorten your titles, and change categories until you get a bigger order-flow or get indexed in a top area.

Reply to @freelancemm: I have a gig that is the same way. It has 64 impressions and its my oldest gig, at least at just below a month old i believe. Where my newer gigs have 62 thousand and 20 thousand impressions. The 20k one having only been made last night.

I tried a lot of what you suggested, gave it a video, changed the title, rewrote the whole description multiple times, changed keywords and changed the categories. But no matter what it never shows in the listings. If i do a search for any of my keywords it doesn’t show up at all and if it does its on the bottom of the page in the “extra” gig section. I did try contacting support once to check on it and they told me it will start showing up once it has a positive review, which it has and it still doesn’t show. Half tempted to delete the gig and remake it.

I could understand if there was a lot of gigs so space was limited but in this case when i search for “critique” for example and then sort by video i get 5 or 6 gigs and none are mine. The word critique is both in the title, video, description, and set as a keyword.


Hm. Well, I have had all my gigs indexed, even a new one I just made. Not always in the keywords I want, but always indexed somewhere. You won’t always get a favorable position, but when that happens you just keep trying. There are other methods to get visibility to your gig and increase orders but I haven’t had the need for it until recently when I felt like expanding my gigs I offer. I have yet to market myself at all to get exposure on Fiverr and I feel as though the orders I have got from Fiverr exposure alone are pretty good.

Keep in mind that if you’re getting lots of impressions and very little orders, it may be a good idea to refine what you offer for a little more clarity. How many of those 62,000 or 20,000 impressions clicked, and out of them how many bought? Just seems a bit high of a count. Maybe try to focus keywords on more specific services you want to offer around those keywords for ones you think you can sell for more. The other thing to keep in mind that there just might not be a lot of people looking for specifically what you’re offering which might be a good indicator if you’re yielding that many impressions but very little clicks and sales. Maybe you should broaden what you offer. For example with your “proofread your fiction” maybe you can proofread content in general?

“Beta read” seems weirdly phrased, maybe “provide feedback on your writing” or something more simple may be a good idea?

Either way best of luck! I do also feel that maybe a Level 2 ranking may help a bit as well. It’s been a while since I haven’t been a Level 2 so I am not sure how indexing works. I have had one gig land on a fairly good position in the past, and others that I have yet to see grace any sort of real position despite being as far as I am aware, the only ones of their kind.

If you feel as though you offer something of a unique nature not offered at all in that category, contact Fiverr. You may be surprised at where they may place you if they feel your content is good and something unique to the category.

Reply to @freelancemm:

I will look into that. It is possible that there isn’t very many people looking for what i have to offer. Book reviews of course generally draw in some buys but that one I’m happy with one every so often.

As for the other two, the critique one has 62k impressions, 47 clicks and 69 page views with only one sale. The beta reader one has the 20k impressions and no clicks, 2 page views.

I do kind of get the feeling that there isn’t very many people looking for what i offer, i have searched for other gigs that are similar and most seem to be in the same boat as me. Which is sad, because a beta read or critique of pre-published writing can help improve it by a lot.

I’ve said it before (maybe even earlier in this thread): Fiverr CS has directly told me and others, “Not all gigs display in search results. The ONLY place all of a sellers gigs will be listed is on their profile page.” And something about ‘there are many factors that determine whether a gig will be included in search’…

So yes, optimizing a gig may help, but there are no guarantees it will ever be included in search - unless they change their policy.

*I added the all caps on “only”.

Reply to @freelancemm: the gig in question has a video

Reply to @kjblynx: the point is its wrong, they are charging for the traffic they do not provide

Reply to @kjblynx: I think you are missing the point, the search results go on and on for pages leaving out relevant gigs yet show results for irrelevant to the search gigs. regardless of what they are paying for it does not do the buyer, the seller or fiverr any good by showing say book review results when i searched software programs while leaving out gigs that are for software programs. the gig i am talking about is the only one of its kind that i can find on fiverr yet when i search the title or tag words they give either no results or results that are for something completely different. so if someone comes to fiverr looking for what i am offering they will search for it and leave thinking that no one is selling it. so the buyer walks away with out what they were willing to pay for, the seller loses a sale and fiver lose commission and a future return customer who now thinks the site has little to offer them. so none of what i said is changed by what they have to pay out it only makes them less money by losing sales

The fact remains. Their software is not trustworthy. Tell me how it is possible to have clicks from impressions if there are no impressions?

kjblynx said: Only one of my gigs shows up in any searches

I just made a search using excerpts from each of your Gig titles. All 3 of them listed them as the first item in the search results.
kjblynx said: I understand it is annoying and stupid and honestly doesn't make any sense, partially because Fiverr's system is whack,

Incredibly True.

kjblynx said: they can do whatever they want with it.

Incredibly True Part II - Will You Stay or Will You Go?

Seriously, users can contact Fiverr CS about bugs, complaints, stupidity et al, but at the end of the day, a user has to either accept it or walk away. Judging by how many sellers have been pushed to the brink of threatening leaving and then decide to stay, I'd say folks generally think it's worth it. Actually I think they hope it will be worth it, eventually.

Re-phrase your title(make it as unique as possible as compared to other services similar.), shorten the length of the title, and add unique keywords to the category of focus that will make it feel more relevant. Keep switching categories until one indexes you. Some have more competition than others. I have had extremely relevant gigs but some categories without high volume sales or having been marked as featured, you will not show up in. Others of obscure nature have, but I feel that is “seniority” where I see a few gigs with even somewhat terrible rating still there, but they have been around a while. Aged Gigs, Level 2 sellers, TRS(obviously.) seem to all get a bit of priority. Of course, this is all guess-work but it seems to be the general consensus. Of course, there is some randomness involved.

Search results are automatically sorted by ‘Average customer review’.
If you haven’t made a sale and gotten a review, there is no review to perform an average calculation on, so it won’t even show.
Until you get your first sale and review, potential customers would have to click the ‘Filter By:’ > ‘Newest Arrivals’ to show your gig.

My 2 days ago gig is not shown too!!! Why??? and how can I see my gig on the Fiverr wall???