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Gig not showing in search unless keywords have a capital letter


I have have a gig that was selling pretty good so I changed a extra price from $10 to $15 and that created a big problem. My gig was showing in top 3 resouls before when searching “youtube banner” but after changing the extra price is not showing AT ALL in search unless I use a upper case in the keywords, like for example “youtube Banner” or “Youtube Banner”. How can this be possible? how can changing an extra price can affect the way a gig is found in the search by only appearing when using a upper case in the keywords? We all know that almost no use use upper case when searching for something so this is a BIG BIG problem because my gig will never show in searches anymore. I contacted the support team and they were very nice as usual but they don’t consider this to be a problem. How can it not be when my sales drop to almost 0?

How can a gig with 1000+ reviews NOT show at all in “best selling” but gigs with not a single review will show. HOW?

My title has “youtube banner” in it, but in search will only appear if using “Youtube banner”, this makes no sense. The keywords “yotube banner” is in my gig title, is in my gig keywords, it’s in my gig description. not to mention that my gig was also in top 3 resoults before I edited the price.

EDIT: I got no response from the Fiverr support team since Sunday at 19:23. Altho the “recent activity” and “Assigned to” has changed multiple times. All I want is for my gig to get reviewed and accepted because it’s not showing AT ALL in searches no matter what I search for because it was edited a few days back. I’m amazed nobody cares.

EDIT 2: After I sent an email that ended up opening a ticket but without any category selected (I assumed it ended up to another support departament) someone answered in just a few hours and helped me out. The gig is now showing in searches BUT I bet you can’t find it, it’s not showing at all if you search for “youtube banner”, altho that’s what I do, the keyword is in my title, gig description and gig keywords. My gig has 1000+ 5 stars review but it seems it’s not “relevant” to this keywords? and it’s not like there is a lot of competition… I see gigs with 0 reviews. I hope it will rank back up…
The first ticket still has no answer. I assume you need to find the right people in the support team that will help you out instead of ignoring you. I would like to thank Diego that answered and got my gig back in the searches in just a few hours. I’m curious how many more days do I have to wayt for the first ticket to get an answer, it’s only been 4 already.


I really wish I had an answer for you. I am mystified too about the way rankings work.

You should take out the link to your gig before the post gets removed as links to gigs are not allowed in posts.

This is the big question right now.


Thank you, I removed the link .
I hope we can figure this thing out because I don’t think it’s fare for a gig with no reviews at all to show in “best selling” but a gig with 1000+ review to not show at all.


Yes, that’s a great problem. Now I fear to change anything on my gig even it have misspells! The fear is here that if I also come down from where I am. A single change may cause a big change in the search result:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


So true. I edited some gigs and no changes happened to them in ranks.
Then later edited them again and big change, bad rankings after that.

So if you have good rank do not change them!


That is something that needs to be fixed, how can we improve ower gigs if we are afraid to edit them? How can we edit a price if that will mess up everything?
I’m on fiverr since 2013, made more than 2000+ sales and the fact that I got told that what is happening is allright makes me wanna look for a new job. I do this full time and i can’t afford to not be able to pay the rent at the end of the month because a messed up algorithm.
If all the sellers have equal chances to show up on search, than why some of them will only show if the keyword entered in search has a capital letter in it? Is this normal? I’m i crazy?


So if that happens why can’t you leave the capital letter in it? Does it show up in search if someone uses that keyword without the capital letter?


I do not use capital letters in the gig title or keywords. The problem is that the gig will only show if the person searching for it will not use a capital letter keyword and no one dose that => no one will see my gig, not even friends that i asked them to search for my gig.
This problem was not there before I edited the price of one of my extras. Basically, i did not edit any text in my gig and yet, this problem appeared.


Fiverr is updating their server system searching option, that’s the reason behind this.


Ok, but the right thing to do is to try and solve this problem or at least admit it. Right now they say that there is no problem with the system. I might be wrong, but what do you guys say about what’s happening with my gig?


We don’t know any more than you do.


Exactly the same issue. I made minor change to my gig and it completely disappeared from search (it was also my best seller with over 500 sales). Stats shows ZERO impressions from the day I made that change. I have no idea how to get back :frowning:
Unfortunately, keywords in capital letters don’t help, gig doesn’t show at all.


Maybe it’s in the editorial mode? needs to have the changes aproved?


We ranting here about algorithm are useless except the fiverr employee who in-charge of search algorithm acknowledge this PROBLEM and do a live Q&A with us on facebook. Unfortunately they just hiding and laughing at us behind their monitor. That’s shame!


I edited a gig about three times and it’s gone from search too.


that’s why I do not change my gig last Two month. :disappointed_relieved:


With all these bugs, and other people’s sales dropping too, I start to think Fiverr is doing a beta test with real sellers. They are tweaking their systems, and learn from user feedback. And when I asked them, I got a copy-paste standard email about they are not guaranteeing any sales. They try to make us believe, that our best selling gig, which got a sale 1-4 times a day, suddenly gets zero for 10 days…


@fogi I got 20 orders in 2 days, all completed with 5 stars and then almost 0 orders. My gig got 1000+ reviews but is not appearing in “best selling” unles the keyword has a capital letter in it. It’s funny how gigs with no review at all appear to my keyword and this is considered normal and fare. (the keyword is in my title, gig description and also gig keywords, I know how SEO works).
I really hope they solve this problem… some of us work full time on Fiverr and depend on gigs to work properly.


Me too. Although it has some misspell!:wink:


EDIT: I got no response from the Fiverr support team since Sunday at 19:23. Altho the “recent activity” and “Assigned to” has changed multiple times. All I want is for my gig to get reviewed and accepted because it’s not showing AT ALL in searches no matter what I search for because it was edited a few days back. I’m amazed nobody cares.