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Gig not showing on any pages

I have completed 39 orders with 4.9 rating overall (35 5 stars and remaining 4 of 4 stars) but my gig is not showing on any page of our category. Should I contact customer support?


It might be due to your rating or description, remember, SEO is expremely important.
If the problem still persists after you optimized your gig, you should contact customer support.


What if I told you sometimes it’s better your gig stays hidden?

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Wait, how, why ? :thinking:

Well… sometimes exposure is not desired…for various reasons. In example, you don’t want other people to copy something you offer? Sometimes less is actually more. Remember, sometimes.

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But the copies couldn’t be reported to Fiverr?

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is it just one gig or all of your gigs?

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I have only one gig.

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Hey Thank you so much but the problem is buyer cant see my account so I could not get orders.

Create more in same categories offering same services

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No. You do not create the “same” Gig offering the “same” services. Each Gig needs to be unique, not a copy of what you already have up.


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This is very interesting. One can experiment with what it’s considered as unique or copy. Some creative thinking here can be a brain teaser to those who review gigs.

Imagine asking two employees. A) Says it’s a copy B) Says it’s unique.

That is what I meant lol, same gig means same services in same category but ofc with different stuff in it

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@implaxe_expert I think your gig not active
Check your gig status This link

if you see your gig not active then contact Fiverr customer support.

My gig do show in the search but It doesn’t show on the pages.

My dear friend,

I hope you are doing very well!.

As I see that you have a problem with your impressions service.
Kindly contact Seller Support for any kind of troublesome queries.

And I am very confident your problem will be resolved by the Seller support team.

happy earning!

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Thank you so much. Will do!