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Gig not showing on search for any term no matter what

Here is a strange sitation and I have spend countless hours trying to figure our why this is happening and still no luck.

The Gig :

This one NEVER shows on search result and has ZERO views and clicks. Here are the things I have tried so far to fix this but all in vain…

Changed Title
Changed Category
Changed Images
Deleted and created New Gig
Even added a new video
Wrote better description
Played around with the keywords

I am not sure what else should I do. This has never happened to me all these 9 years.
(P.S) I was out of fiverr scene for a long time and not sure if things have changed. Apology if this has been answered before… I did try to search before posting.

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Does anyone know about this Gig getting Ghosted ?

Inform the fiverr customer support service