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Gig not showing on search page


Hello guys,

I noticed that fiverr has demoted my gigs on search page and it has really affected my sales. My gig used to show on first and second pages during search but it now shows on the last page for the past couple of weeks.

I really dont know what happened and why fiverr had to do this to me. I have complained to fiverr support and they couldnt give me any logical explanation to this. My sales has really been affected and I dont think I will be able to cope with this…

I will appreciate any advise from you guys to revive my gig


It is unwise to blame Fiverr for your lack of success. Fiverr seems to like to give more visibility to sellers who are making a lot of sales, and bringing in higher revenues. Can you blame them? Fiverr is a business, in the business of making money. They are likely to give priority to sellers who are doing just that.

If you want to be one of those sellers – if you want to be profitable and perhaps catch the favor of the search algorithm, bring in more customers, complete more orders, deliver work that receives high reviews, and earn more revenue.

Your success will likely lead to greater things, but YOU are responsible for earning that success. Fiverr owes you nothing. Your sales are yours to earn.

If you want more sales, reach out to your target customers, show them how you can help them with your services, and convince them to hire you.


I will appreciate if you can refrain from using derogatory words in your comment. In this case, I see the the word “unwise” as deragotory and unprofessional to use for a fellow seller on this platform.

Moreso, you seem not to understand what my post is all about. I have completed over 700 orders with revenue over $35,000 while maintaining a 5.0 star over the course of my 2 active years here… That to me is a success!!

Read again and understand, if you dont understand… please pass!

Thank you for your time


It’s not only about that.
Fiverr doesn’t have to show your gig on the first pages all the time.
Most of the time my gig is the first one on the first page, but sometimes fiverr rotates them and letting other sellers even without any level or sales to be on the first page to give them some boost and chance to get their piece of revenue.

So there are slow months due to that, but to be honest I don’t really care because fiverr is just part of my freelancing.
Fiverr is very volatile so I’m glad you enjoyed and managed to earn your share from it, but don’t put all your hopes into it because in the days like this it will make you really frustrated.

P.S @jonbass was quite respectful in his reply so please stay away from getting personal.


Thank you so much for your response. Just like you said, its a really volatile market…you cant predict what will happen next. This is not even about displaying my gig in first page or second page. My gig suddenly disappeared from the search page, then after I made a thorough search, I found my gig on last page (that’s even when I had apply many search filters). To me that change is too sudden. For a system that ranks on impressions, order completions, ratings and so all… I’m quite uncomfortable with my gig showing on page 1/2 to showing on page 30; while mainting top standards and quality.


Have you changed your gig’t title or description or anything at all lately?