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Gig not showing on Search suddenly


Hello everyone

I face a big problem. Don’t know why it happened with me.
From last night my all gigs are rank down together. And i have 1 Best Selling Gig which was rank on the 1st page 1-5 position.

But now that gig not even get on any page from 1 to 7

My impression view click all decrease together.

Why its happened?

I knock on fiverr support but may be they make fun with me about this issue. Mark my issue as solved but don’t reply me anything


Have you changed your gig’s title, description or anything recently?
Have you opened more than 1 ticket regarding this issue? CS usually closes all tickets related to the same issue but one.


Fiverr never promised you to have your gig displayed on the first page, ranking is dynamic and changing all the time so it’s not a problem for them to solve. It’s not their problem that you didn’t work on your marketing not to loose anything during periods like this.

If you have no impressions this month it’s your responsibility to keep marketing to have enough orders during this fall out periods.

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mariashtelle1 gave the correct response.