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Gig not showing up anymore?!

It’s been a couple of days with no word from support. This is what I sent the. Note that my gig shows up as “active,” in my account dashboard, and that I changed my title back to match my original URL they gave me. (not that that appears to have mattered).Any ideas from the community? It’s a shame, because I’m actually a very talented, high quality, voice over talent. And Fiverr, and it’s customers, are missing out by my gig not even showing up.

I noticed that my Gig is no longer viewable in Fiverr, and that my statistics show no additional views. Can you tell me why my gig has been removed from displaying? I know I updated my video, but would that cause my gig to no longer display? I was showing up in the “new” section, and now I’m not showing at all.

I also notice my gig URL doesn’t match my title. This must be because I changed my title. Does this have anything to do with it?

Thank you for your time,

What is the name of the gig now? Does it show up if you click on your own profile, and if so, can you paste a link? I can’t tell much from what you wrote and just looking at your profile.


Yes, I can view it in my dashboard.

Support reinstated it earlier today, and it’s already disappeared AGAIN

I have two separate gigs, and neither of them are showing up.


I don’t have the URL memorized.

The gigs showed up for a short time, and then disappear. :frowning:

Shame, because my gig really is a good one. :confused:

When I try to copy my link for sharing in the mobile app I get this nonsense:

Well, when I click that link it goes to your gig just fine and I can see the order button. It appears every time without fail whether I use the link or just go to your profile. I’m not sure what you are seeing, but I both buy and sell and I sure see your gig.