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Gig not showing up in search after updated image

I updated my gig cover photo and for some reason my gig is no longer showing up in the search results. Any idea why this is happening. I cannot find it using any key words in the search and it makes no sense. Any idea as to why this is happening and how to fix it?


Some time when you edit gig fiverr throws your gig out of its search index ( that should be system error ) and they need to re index it back to make it visible in search result, So go and inform them and it will get you back on the track !

I experienced this few month ago, I updated my best selling gig images and i lost my gig from search result , fiverr CS restored it back later !

PS : One more scenario is that your gig may be in review after inundation and you will get back in couple of days…
So I will say wait for couple of days and check back and if you don’t get it back ask them for re indexing !


Gig’s rank is lost, hopefully it will be okay if you share the gig on social media.

Go to support and check if it is active. If it is not then please contact to fiverr team.

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