Gig not showing up in SEARCH RESULTS anymore


Fiverr removed my gigs from the search results. even when i search for them on my buyer account i cant even find them. even if i narrow it dow to my seller level, category & delivery time…nothing pops up. ALL sales have stopped as a result of this.

I wrote a message & the editor said my gigs are “Not in their editorial focus, therefore wont show up in search results.”

has anyone else experienced this or can help ?


Once the editors choose to pull gigs from search, they usually won’t put them back so you have to do your own marketing. Doesn’t hurt to add more gigs in other categories in case those will be more appealing to the editors.

Most of the gigs I see pulled are related to social media, SEO or Amazon so yours are different, but there is no set list of searchable gigs. Search placement isn’t guaranteed. Good luck!


I just created a gig last week and logged a ticket with support. It is still not searchable. It appears that they need to improve on their search algorithm. It doesn’t make sense for me to use Fiverr if I can’t work with their community that is searching for gigs. If I was just going to post a gig through my own social sites to get clients. I might as well just set up my own PayPal account and a landing page that I market.

I feel the actual benefit is to have both, and that is why I wanted to start using Fiverr.


My gig has recently been removed from fiverr search. I suggest, Fiverr should have a uniform policy for everyone. Why certain sellers are being targeted while other sellers with the same niche / service are doing great.