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Gig not showing up in search results


I created my gig a few days back. I have edited it a couple of times. I’m a new seller, haven’t got any orders yet. I’m very disappointed about the fact that whenever I search for my gig, it doesn’t show up in the results.
Please guide me how to fix this.
Thank you


If you aren’t getting the kind of visibility that you want here on Fiverr, then start marketing and promoting your gigs/services elsewhere. You have every ability to bring in your own customers. Expecting Fiverr to do all the visibility work is not a good business strategy.

Take responsibility for the success of your own gigs. And, yes, hard work is required.


You can’t really get orders form Fiverr search results being a new seller. You must attract buyers from the Buyer requests section or from Social Media pages.


Can you suggest how can I promote my gig on social media, any specific pages or groups?


Kindly suggest me which platform to use for promotion.


Any Social Media platform. Search for people who need your service and give
them a offer that they cannot neglect.

Warning : Don’t spam by saying something else and providing something else

Try this and I believe you will get your orders soon.


You’ll have to figure that out on your own. I don’t know where your target customers are located. YOU will have to do the research for your own business.


hi, I have experienced similar troubles with visibility as well, but i am hopeful. Don’t loose hope though. Send offers to as many buyer requests as you can and use social media platforms to promote your gigs. Something will come along. Cheers!


Indeed Try to post unique stuff


Thank you guys, I’m going to implement your suggestions.