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Gig not showing up in searches

I have created a gig about a week ago. I am getting impressions and clicks but i am unable to see it anywhere in the search results agaist the keywords which i have posted it ?

Have you tried using filters? ‘online seller’, ‘new seller’, your budget’, etc

yeah i have tried these …

the keywords against which i have made this gig have around 350 number of services in total 3 pages and i went through everypage but it’s not found anywhere among these…

Can you link your gig? I’ll see if I can find it off my computer

Hopefully someone else can offer some advice. I tried quite a few combinations of search terms, as well as searching for your gig title, and wasn’t able to find it. If nobody else replies, maybe you should send a message to CS? I did that for one of my gigs before.

Side note: take another look at your description…I spotted several spelling and grammar mistakes :wink:

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I will look into it … :upside_down_face:

Thank you …

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It’s in my active gigs category …
but i think i need to talk to CS for this