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Gig not showing up on mobile app

I am facing an issue while applying to buyer request on mobile app, one of my gig is now showing, i have total 3 gigs, two are showing up fine, one specific is not coming up? Can somebody help?


Anyone faced this issue ?


This usually happens when the request is in a different category from the one your gig is.

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But its happenings for all of them!

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Hmm… Didn’t you say that 2 were showing up fine and the issue was with a 3rd specific one? :thinking:

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By all of them i mean for all buyer requests that particular gig is not coming up regardless of tag it is in.

I have same issue. What is the solution?


Hello since when you are facing this problem?

I am facing this problem since yesterday


Did you find any solution??
When I click on active gigs from my mobile phone , My gigs are also not showing on android app(although it is all fine from desktop application) .
Is there any one who can help us out…

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I am also facing the same issuue

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I am alao facing the same issue from last 2 days . any solution ?

Exactly… The same thing is happening with me. Any solution ?

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same problem with me recently i talked to cs about this issue…

Hello there
Kindly tell me what they inform you ? Why this is happening and when and how this issue resolve ?

yes, i talked to them…they are saying that they change something to me in my account and give me time to wait for 24 hours

but i think this a bug in application…because in pc everything is fine properly

Ahaan right. You are saying right, all gigs are showing active on pc but on mobile app they didn’t . due to that we also didn’t see any buyer project for bid related to that gig/tags.

Brother, you contact on Fiverr support customers team ? Or something else ?
I also want to contact them kindly tell me

i talked to fiverr customer support…they will fix this problem soon.