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Gig not showing up on search results after a bug


Just want to bring up an issue regarding my gig.
My podcast cover gig was ranked as one of the first in the search results. Then earlier today, I have added some portfolio items and updated some gig extras. When I clicked “save” button. It gives an error that says I need to place something on the description. But I did not edited or removed any text on my gig description. I was wondering why all of the words were gone.

So, I recreated my gig description (luckily I got a backup of the same description), then proceeded by saving it.

The problem is, after a short while, when I searched some keywords to check my podcast cover gig, it is not showing up on any of the search results. How will I get sales if It doesn’t show in the search result? This gig is pretty new but I already have completed orders on this particular gig (no cancellations all are rated 5 stars) and I have a pretty solid portfolio for it. Keywords and description are the same. It was ranked 2nd or 3rd in the search result before, but now it can’t be found anywhere. Please help me with this?


I think it takes a while to show up again as it needs to be re-indexed after your changes.

Maybe check again tomorrow?


Thanks … I hope so. I’m just afraid it wont show up just like before.

This happened before. same “bug”. I’m adding portfolio items, after I click save, it says I need to add description (I also did not touched the description", then my gig was gone on the search results. Ended up making a new one.

Thanks for the reply. I guess all I have to do is wait and see for the system to re-index. Thanks for the help. I will update soon.


Please wait 24-48 hours for the gig to reappear on the search result page.

(Information from Customer Support)