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Gig not showing up on search

Hey, so I’ve had Fiverr for a while but have just recently made a Fiverr gig. By recent, I mean over a month. I’ve got 2 sales so far from people with my direct link that I market to my community. However, no one can find my gig anywhere when searching it up. I’ve even tried it on a different computer that has never logged into Fiverr before (Yes, I searched it correctly, my gig was nowhere out of the 3 pages).

Note - I have not edited my gig in over a week. I have 2 ratings that are both 5 stars. I have a super-fast response time and I get messages a bunch (from people with my direct link).

How could I fix this?


give your gigs attractive title

My title is perfectly fine, its not like im wondering why im not on front page, im wondering why i dont show up at all out of all the pages. (people with titles that arent even proper english with misspellings and unnecessarily long titles are showing up too)

This is also for ALL of my gigs. I have a gig regarding something that doesnt have many gigs on fiverr for it. None of the gigs come up for that either when searching for them.

UPDATE: i went to send in a support ticket and it said something along the lines of they need to review something on their side before it can show up in search results and to contact them about it within the support ticket.

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Search your gig active or inactive then you can list and it’s not showing on search page

@rahman_shahed See the UPDATE post above. The OP has discovered the problem.