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Gig not taking off - stuck on runway


Hi all :slight_smile:
My forum friends who replied to my latest forum post suggested I ask for your suggestions on how to improve this gig.

I did get two orders–both 5 stars.
But the buyers did not order more than once:
One due to not being able to afford it (at that time I set the prices much much higher)
The second buyer - I have no idea why he didn’t order again. My assumption (based on all the discussions we had), is that he did not understand that a facebook page needs more than one week of posts and management.

Here’s my gig:

Thanks so much lovelies :strawberry:
Hugs, May

First time this happened

Dear May, I don´t really have a facebook page myself, so hopefully people who know more about that will comment on the content, just chiming in for one ‘technicality’, so Blaise doesn´t have to after detecting the extra comma on another thread here :wink: : You have an extra full stop in your first FAQ.


Thanks. You are so nice. :bouquet: for you :slight_smile:

Mila, Ich wünsche Ihnen ein schönes Wochenende. ( :white_check_mark: ?)



I am also not familiar with facebook I am so sorry. Maybe @creativeman can advise you I remember he had a bunch of facebook related gigs.

To me your packages really don’t ring a bell. Maybe you want to create 2-3 separate gigs to see what sells and what doesn’t.
For example: - “I will create your facebook content”…
- “I will manage your facebook page” …
- "I will follow you on facebook… comment on your posts …"
or something like that.

This way you can test what sells and what doesn’t.

In your profile introduction I would take the following sentence out: “New on Fiverr”.
You have been here since 2013?

Can I ask you why you are calling your clients kangaroos and hedgehogs :sweat_smile:.
I think it’s cute but some clients probably don’t like that.

I would focus more on the gig description and add more content, you really want to grab someones attention.

Maybe you want to hire @emmaki she certainly can write a gig description that rocks.

Good luck May, I hope it will take off soon.


Thanks, May, but you may say ‘du’ to me, forum chat among peers is a case for informal German. :wink: It´s correct else though, well, apart from the ‘Ich’, must be ‘ich’ ;). :slight_smile: Ich wünsche dir auch ein schönes Wochenende.

(for the mods apart from Anna: just wishing each other a nice weekend ;))


That actually sounds like a pretty good idea to me.



Anna thanks so much for your long and thoughtful reply.
I call everyone kangaroos, hedgehogs, etc. Who knows - some clients will be attracted to me especially because of that, and others the opposite. Anyway, from now on I’m calling you :baby_chick: , :koala: , or :hamster: - you choose :sweat_smile:

In reply to your comments:

“Maybe you want to create 2-3 separate gigs to see what sells and what doesn’t.”

**The question of is it better to have one more general gig with more reviews vs. several very specific gigs with just 2-3 reviews each, is really interesting. There are pros and cons for each, and I’m always interested in hearing more opinions on this. Since I don’t have many sales in general, I assume that one gig with many reviews is better than the other option. What do you think?

“In your profile introduction I would take the following sentence out: ‘New on Fiverr’. You have been here since 2013?”

**I signed up in 2013, was only a buyer until about a year ago.

“I would focus more on the gig description and add more content, you really want to grab someone’s attention.”

**The gig description in the PDF. It’s too long for the text box. I know you have just a second until the buyer moves on, so I know that most people won’t click on the PFD even though I emphasized doing so in the description. I was hoping that the gallery would be interesting enough to cause the viewer to want to read the PDF. But I’ll see how I can summarize the PDF for the description and write something like—more details in PDF. . .

:sunflower: May.


oh no, no, no, no, no. :sweat_smile: – I’m currently studying 4 languages (in addition to three I already know), and now what you just said is making me want to learn German.
I’m addicted to learning new languages, and the result is that sometimes when I’m talking, I’ll say 2 sentences with words from all 7 languages. I’ve lost control of what comes out of my mouth and of limiting how many languages I study at one time.

So, anything I write you in German is coming straight from google translate and that’s it. :kissing_closed_eyes:


German has a few very special intricacies and mysteries. :wink:

I love languages too, well, duh, :wink: 4 at the same time in addition to your three current ones, you’re sure busy with that then. I´m thankful for the German school system offering quite a lot in that regard. What I find super interesting with languages is dreaming, in which language/s one dreams. :crescent_moon:

But I´m going now before I should start hiding my posts behind off-topic spoiler tags and leaving the space for people who actually have good tips on improving your gig. :slight_smile:


@miiila I hope to order your English to German translation gig soon. I see you are very professional.


Oh, curious to see what that may be for, my gigs actually all state they are for English -> German not the other way round, but since you speak English yourself, I assume that´s what you´d need. But yeah, now, over to Gig-Improvers and out.



Oh I see. That might confuse some people, as you see it confused me :sweat_smile:

Maybe you can work on your PDF a bit to see if you can make some cuts. I think the gig description is more important than the PDF since it’s the selling point.

1 gig with tons of reviews would def. stand out more but since you are just getting started with the Facebook gig you might want to play around with a few other gigs to see if one will take off in particular. You can always pause/delete these later on if you see they are not selling.

Again, this is just my opinion. Maybe others will chime in as well, that would be nice :blush:


Thank you Anna :slight_smile:
I just cut the PDF text in half and posted it in my new description. Also kept the full version as a PDF in the gallery.
:yellow_heart: and :rose: for you.


Imho. If I understand your gig correctly… You would pretend to be me, right? Post on my behalf. Using my language, reading my mind, understanding what I usually post, what’s of importance to me? Hell, I myself don’t understand entirely what I am/should be using my Facebook account for.
You’re asking your potential clients to put a crazy amount of their trust in you. You, random stranger on the internet.

Sooo, what @annai80 said. Try to come up with some more specific offers for people who need to professionally be on FB.


LOL. Businesses create Facebook Pages, and hire Facebook Page Managers to create content and manage the page. It takes knowledge, a lot of time and work - that’s why people hire other people to do things for them.

A page is not a profile. No one needs a profile manager. Companies/ small business owners create pages, and hire page managers.

No need for ‘a crazy amount of trust’—as you put it.
Trust is not much of an issue: the page creator is administrator, and adds the manager as editor. Admins can see everything and change or delete anything if they want to.

Happy weekend. :slight_smile: