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Gig not visible even though I only got a handful of results

So I created a gig for animated HTML5 banners about 5 days ago.

Even if I go to Fiverr > Graphics & Design > Animated Banner I can’t see my gig. I set all up correctly. If filter only german sellers (I’m German btw) I get 4 results. 3 of them are obviously static banners even though they are marked as “animated” but have PNG as image file format which is totally nonsense. The fourth one is also static with a really (I mean really!) bad thumbnail. But it’s from a level 2 seller so I guess it’s more likely a good gig than a correct one as I set it up.

I just can’t find my gig, what’s wrong? What am I missing?


Search your gig by your title you will find them otherwise contact to support


Guideline :heart_eyes:

I’ll wait some more days as I made some changes to the description etc. and search for it again. Thanks for your suggestion.

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You can check your gig status if it’s active from here:

Thank you! It seems 2 of my gigs are not online, or at least they cannot be found via the search. I wrote a request and just get this Unbenannt-1 Error - try again later. Wow…

So is there a minimum timeframe you have to wait until your gig is in the database and can be found via the search?

Try from here:

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You can try delete browser cache or use an other browser. If the problem still exists, change your language to the English.